I feel this learning will really help us in working together, as a team, so we can understand each other’s points of view.

–       Dave Duncan, Publix Supermarkets

Everyone who attended expressed confidence in their ability to utilize the instrument. That (program) was done within a reasonable time frame, at a reasonable cost, and we even had some fun- I’d say that’s success.

–       Thomas W. Gathers, Darden Restaurants

Over the course of this past fiscal year, you have helped more than 140 colleagues understand the skills of negotiation and how to apply them successfully using many examples and class exercises.

–       Phil Hedges, Siemens

I began working with Dr. Mimi when she was referred to my company to write an advice column on business topics for our company’s readers. She was eager to help and worked tirelessly to provide advice and knowledge to help others with their problems. Her background and expertise make her the perfect columnist on a topic like this. She truly focuses on providing quality guidance people can use in both their jobs and their personal lives.

–       Gina Kellogg, Uhlig LLC

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Mimi for several years. We first met through CFHRA when she was a speaker at one of our programs. I immediately connected with Dr. Mimi when I was in charge of programs for the chapter and we had an opportunity to work together in planning the meeting for our members. During my tenure on the leadership team of CFHRA, Dr. Mimi has been someone the chapter has turned to on several occasions as a partner. She has provided valuable programs for our membership on more than one occasion; she has facilitated one of our Board of Directors Strategic Planning meetings (which was a hit!); and she served on the nominating committee for the board of directors when I was incoming the chapter president. Because of my relationship with Dr. Mimi through CFHRA, I was familiar with the DiSC train-the-trainers course that is taught through Valencia. Because Dr. Mimi had taught and worked with our members on the DiSC process at our meetings I had a desire to take this course and implement within any organization I worked for. During the course I found Dr. Mimi to be very informative and knowledgeable. She not only taught us how to administer and interpret the DiSC profile during our own classes, she also taught us the history DiSC. She also explained to the class the differences between the other assessments available on the market for organizations. I have personally taken both the Myers-Briggs and the DiSC and through Dr. Mimi’s course I have a better understanding of when each instrument should be used for the outcomes you are seeking for your team. I am a firm believer that the DiSC instrument is a valuable tool for organizations. Not only will it help you understand your own style, but the styles of others in your team, and within the organization so you can create better working relationships. One part of the DiSC that I like is that you can also use this instrument for your recruiting process. I would highly recommend Dr. Mimi as a subject matter expert if you are wanting to bring DiSC into your organization or attend one of her train-the-trainer courses. You won’t regret it!!

–     Tricia Ferguson, CFHRA

From the moment I met her Dr. Mimi was a delight to know and work with. She has a wonderful grasp of how to communicate with an audience, whether it be a group or an individual. I continue to be impressed with her innate ability to speak TO someone, not from 30,000 feet, but with common sense terms one can immediately identify with. I heartily recommend Dr. Mimi, both as a person and as a professional.

–       Chuck Csizmar, CMC Compensation Group

Dr. Mimi has done work for me as President of Schenck Company as well as in other capacities in my not for profit work over the years. She is an excellent resource for assisting us in the screening and selecting of exceptional talent and then helping us develop that talent through her thoughtful insights on a number of different levels. She is a consumate professional and one I would have no hesitation in using again if given the opportunity.

–       Kelley Mossburg, Schenck Company

Dr. Mimi Hull is one of the best! I’ve been on “both sides” of business with her – more than once as an audience member when she’s been a fantastic presenter/trainer (and I learn something new every time!) and also as a leader in organizations that have hired her to work with our employees or members. I have recommended her to many of my friends and colleagues because she is dependable, professional and really knows her stuff. And, she is always willing to go the extra mile to help someone. In fact, I’ve recruited her to be one of my faculty members at Wendy’s PR Crash Course Jan. 10-11, 2008 in Orlando, FL because I only want top-notch professionals who will deliver LOTS of usable content for my attendees. You will be pleased with Mimi’s work.

–       Wendy Kurtz, Elizabeth Charles and Associates

Dr. Mimi Hull is a professional you can count on. She has done some work in my organization (Avancent Consulting) as a consultant and we have benefited greatly from her knowledge and talent! I highly recommend Dr. Hull.

–       Patti Rader, Avancent Consulting

Dr. Mimi is both a thoughtful community leader and an exceptional professional sought by community leaders and news-makers. She can cultivate meaningful input from a diverse range of professionals working on the most mission-critical efforts; and then integrate this spectrum of input into valuable, understandable tools and eventually dialogue and action. Dr. Mimi is a trusted confidant and professional, and a regional leader who helps others better understand how to succeed, how to help their organizations succeed, and how to be happy and content doing so.

–       Teresa Barber, Fairfield Index, Inc.